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Okay, yeah, wow I haven't posted on this in ages. Quite literally. Well, it's 2007 now.

I just got back from an amazing trains+planes+automobiles trip with Amanda and Matt. The terrible trio, you might say. Even if you don't say, I'll say. It was a great trip. We saw World/Inferno Friendship Society / The Bouncing Souls and then Sticks and Stones / Weston. Jack Terricloth also fronts Sticks and Stones and frankly, he never fails to make me smile. The W/IFS show was one of my favorites ever, including standing on the edge of the pit watching all the fun. I have some great bruises to prove it.

The 19 hour train ride was unbelievable. We did actually play mafia with some of the crazies on the train. I would do it again. Then we hung out in DC with Alex / Greg / David M / Emily B / Varun / Alex's friends. I miss these people.

We caught a bus with Sue the next morning to trip up to NYC, and saw Mike / Emily B v2.0 / Heather / Dan Miller / more Emily B and of course, our venerable host DAS. Caught up with Abe / Michelle / Tony / Grace / Tae as well, and that was nice. Didn't see much of NYC, but that's how trips with me usually go. Had awesome steak at Peter Lugar's, definitely recommend it to any meat-eater headed that way.

I'm going back Feb. 9-11 for the W/IFS show on the 10th. I'm psyched.

We're also in the midst of creating a group dinner for Friday and then I'm helping Ben to project Little Miss Sunshine at Doc. That's going to be awesome, I think. I miss people, a lot.

I hope DAS wasn't too overwhelmed with the horrid state we left his apartment... I miss him so much.

Alright kids, I am actually going to try to clean my own apartment and then head out to see Scout. He's doing well; life is pretty good. I need to get some cash together, but I have a reasonable plan for that. More details to come.
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