Redoak (redoak) wrote,


Alllllright. Let's talk, programs! So, I'm actually going to build this backwards, since it's hard to forward and redirect to things which don't exist yet. Yeah. So it means I'll probably have to pass back over what's goin on and make it work again, but it kinda makes sense. Which means on to lighttpd first.

I added to the /etc/rc.conf file


Now I need some kind of tutorial here, because I haven't even found the lighttpd installation files. Actually, reloading rc.conf would probably do it now. The default document-root is /usr/local/www/data/ and I made a baaasic index.htm file in there for testing.

Drat, have to go out. I'll come back to this later... but I do have a lighttpd.conf file in /usr/local/etc/ that should be okay, now I need to run something with the lighttpd command.
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