Redoak (redoak) wrote,

wireless crunching

alright, let's get fluxbox working. this should be done by the startx configuration file. hopefully there is a menu there too. i don't know if this will survive reboot or not.

% startx

if it doesn't survive reboot, then add things to ~/.fluxbox/menu like
[exec] (xTerm) {xterm} <-- note curly brackets
[exec] (FireFox) {firefox}
now fluxbox should be handling window managing and have a menu to get xterm and firefox. super.

okay, to plumb the wireless card (all this as su??)

% ifconfig ath0 plumb

now it'll go hot. now feed the name of the ssid to ifconfig (get this off a windows machine.. heh)

% ifconfig ath0 inet ssid my_ssid

now we need a dhcp address perhaps

% dhclient ath0

the man page for ath has helpful examples here to get things like wep keys and whatever working. but this is all good for now. now let's try to get the router up with some kind of configuration files.

okay, the killall i need is under sudo. kill all the curl processes running by www

% sudo killall -u www -HUP curl
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